Exclusive stucco

Exclusive stucco from the masters of Arabesco

Author’s stucco from Arabesco Stucco Workshop is a great opportunity to bring to life your idea of a refined interior. Exclusive architectural elements of stucco moldings set the interior tone, accentuate the style of the room.

The technology of creating exclusive stucco

How actually you get the exclusive stucco, which pleases the eye and gives the room understated, but these means even more pronounced classic chic?
Exclusive is something that is exceptional, unique, one of a kind.
Exclusive stucco from the masters of Arabesco is a handmade work where everyone puts his ideas, a lot of work and the piece of the soul. Because every detail of the sketch is according to your taste and desire.

After approval of the sketch, drawing of the future molding decor, it is a time for sculptor modeler to make it.
From special clay, he is armed with the tools, inspiration and professional eye, transfers the pattern in the volumetric plane. In other words, creates a 3 D model.

The model is molded, and a rough draft of the future product is created.
Then comes one of the most time-consuming processes, requiring immense patience and professionalism – cleaning and finishing products to the final result. Masters pay special attention and carry out thorough control of the process, as high quality of the finished product depends on master.When the future stucco moldings appears in the form of a model, the moment of making shape comes.

Shaping is a very important moment, because well done shape is primarily qualitative and flawless product at the end.
Gathering the required number of ready-made fragments for the installation, our highly qualified and experienced professionals of installation go to the site on the special transport prepared for the transportation of fragile products, for installation of man-made beauty in the prepared location.

Today we can recreate any design you like. Stucco in the Baroque style adorn the wealthy homes in Europe, Oriental-style stucco, arabesque from molding, unique statues or masks in the Empire style, ornate frame of Rococo stucco, on the individual sketches, or recreated according to old designs transferred from ancient prints or photos of the Palace hall of the European monarchs, will create a unique vintage style of your room.

Exclusive moldings in your home is the best confirmation of good taste. Moldings according to individual sketches is one of the specialities of the masters of Arabesco.

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