Facade decor

Facade decor: unique style of any building

Facade stucco as the exterior decoration of the building was used since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. Today the facade stucco is again gaining popularity in Kazan.

More and more you can see items on the facades of the houses in Kazan such as:

  • Majestic columns;
  • Statues;
  • Atlants and caryatids;
  • Smaller elements.

All this pleases the eye and gives the building a unique style.

Features of the exterior decor

Today the facade decoration in Kazan is performed in accordance with all existing requirements.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Resistance to temperature differences;
  • The resistance to weathering;
  • High decorative properties.

Unlike interior stucco exterior stucco is a larger shape. The reason is a functional difference in the approach to planning.
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Exterior stucco and its features

After the decline of the Roman Empire exterior stucco has been almost forgotten, but bloomed again in the late middle ages. The continental wars died down, the European world has settled within its borders, and the severe architecture of the war again gave of to sophistication and luxury. The Renaissance, gave the world artists and poets and did not forget about the great sculptors. Geniuses sculpted in the palaces of emperors and kings. And the subjects measured their rulers and sought to decorate their houses on their example. stucco cornices and decorative patterns around the windows and doors were popular everywhere. More wealthy people decorated their houses with columns, statues and other stucco decor. The decoration of the facade with stucco, having survived several centuries, deservedly considered a classic style. In the surviving pre-revolutionary buildings, as well as in the palaces of Catherine’s era and rural estates, and now you can see examples of such decoration. Today stucco moldings regained its former popularity.

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